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Services of Countryside Auto Body

Since we have been in business since 2000, maybe you are already familiar with the many ways we work with our customers to get their vehicles repaired and back on the road fast. We pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop, and working with our customers to keep the work we do affordable. The economic demands of our time make having a working car a necessity, so we do our best to keep you mobile because your success is our own.

Antique Car Restoration

Another service Countryside Auto Body & Repair provides is antique and classic car restoration. Whether it be a hot rod or original classic car, Countryside Auto Body & Repair is an experienced mechanic and can help search for hard-to-find parts.

We also sell affordable used cars and car trade-ins as part of our operations to keep our customers moving, which can be a great savings when customers expand their automotive options or get new drivers in the family. We offer free car safety inspections, so you know that your vehicle is safe on the road. As always, our body shop is ready to service any repair needs.

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