Countryside Auto Body & Repair
Car Care Experts Over 14 Years!

Countryside Auto Body & Repair, in Auburn, Maine, offers full-range repairs for your car, van, or truck. Whether or not you have insurance, we work with our customers to help save money and restore vehicles to like-new condition. We realize that insurance companies can make things difficult for their clients, so we honor when people do not want insurance involvement.

When it comes to repair, many people carry large deductibles and often do not have the cash on hand to pay for parts and labor out-of-pocket. We are willing to work with customers who need financial help. In fact, our body shop relies on our returning customers—who know we treat them fairly.

Countryside specializes in rust repair, along with catering to meet the needs of our customers—whether it is a simple ding, damage from a crash, or a warranted repair. We use quality paint and parts, and our friendly staff has the knowledge and skill to do all types of auto body repair and regular maintenance. You can trust the work we do will get you back on the road as soon as possible, while keeping your safety first.

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Serving Auburn, Maine • Portland, Maine • Lisbon, Maine • Lewiston, Maine